Stuart Scorgie, power boat training in the south west
Stuart Scorgie

Stuart started his working life in the Royal Navy and had numerous roles starting out as a submariner and ending as a navigator, with lots of adventures in between.

Having retired from the Navy after a short-career commission he started a new career in teaching which included outdoor education, sports, Cadets and an aquatic specialist.  This included abseiling down waterfalls to sub-aqua diving and pretty much everything you could think of to get from ‘up there’ to ‘down under’.

Once he had finished ‘being there, doing that and getting the t-shirt’, he decided a different pace of life was needed so came to join South West Maritime Academy in 2019.  Stuart is now enjoying new challenges and sharing his experience with the new generation of super heroes.

If you want to know about tales of ‘daring-do’, salty sea-dog sagas or more boring things like his plethora of qualifications, feel free to ask!  If you question him about his claim to fame and international achievements he will know you have read this far and may reward you with a prize.


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